Branch head with good people have something to look forward (two distinctions and one first typical)

Original title: Branch with a good head people have something to look forward (first two distinctions and one representative) out of Yan’an, over Yanchuan, through the hilly mountain piles, they arrived in the folds of the Loess Plateau located in the small village – Liang Jia village.

Phi green hillside, the lush vegetation, could not find a little impression in the shadow of the Great Northwest Shangougou. Tidy village, attracting more visitors, full of vigor and vitality …… midsummer, the reporter walked Liangjiahe, visited the village of "Butterfly story." "Grasp the industry so that we can get rich." "This time around, visitors busy, business is good.

"The villagers Jing open shop, gracefully millet, dates, straighten the waist drum, shoes, bag …… Lei Feng 闵行水磨会所 Jing of specialty shops can sell three or four hundred a day. As more and more tourists in 2015, the village Party branch guides the villagers set up a travel company. "grasping industry so that we can get rich! "Leung Ka Village branch secretary Gongbao Xiong introduced, according to" lead the branch, leading collective, corporate operation, "the idea, entry 125 villagers travel company, focused on training, standard induction.

Hustle and bustle of tourists poured into the village of Academia Historica, youth homes, farmhouse, rural tourism cave hotel …… fire last year, the village revenue from tourism amounted to 7.22 million yuan. Diligent Jing, also changed the day: Husband open car ferry travel company, earn 3000 yuan per month, the couple monthly income of more than million …… Yuehua 上海长宁桑拿会所 Jian, several young tourists into the store, scan code to pay, leave empty-handed – in northern Shaanxi millet purchased by Wong Jing courier sent to Yunnan, "Look Men in the village, life more convenient." "grasping industry, we want to go all out.

"Gongbao Xiong said that apart from the tourism industry, other industries are also increasingly prosperous village in 2020, Liang Jia village apple production 70 kilograms, with a total revenue of 1.75 million yuan;.. Herbs, greenhouse vegetables, photovoltaic power generation and other industries go hand in hand, villagers The per capita net income reached 17,062 yuan, the village collective economic income of 360 million yuan.

"Not only green, but also beautiful," spare time, 64-year-old villager Liu Wan Gong Zheng Rong like in the village. Village in the river, the water lilies, extending indulge; the flowers on the embankment, the opening is brilliant.

In 1999, the "Grain for Green" has become a hot topic in the village.

Old secretary Shi Chunyang speaker, speaking in policy, but the village elders who could not understand how: the mountains not corn, but trees, trees eat? See guys doubts, Shi Chunyang decision "party lead by example," to own land planted to Acacia, alfalfa …… Fast forward 20 years past, the mountain green vegetation, vegetation better.

"For decades, prevention of soil erosion, the pursuit of affluence high yield, and efforts to explore the village party branch has never changed.

"In recent years, Gongbao Xiong received the" baton "to lead the village to explore new" green development. "

In his eyes, the green concept into the village, courtyard from the mountain, step by step close to people’s lives.

"There are so many tourists to the village naturally clean and tidy. Their houses, and everybody also tidy up." Gongbao Xiong, in recent years, the village lavatories pollution, planting flowers and grass, "not only green, but also to beauty.

"Clean up the river, it is the Party branch committee member of" responsibility fields. "Not long ago, watching the river plants inundated, party members and cadres to green gauze tied large stones, a dozen breakdown river, pulling together network rope, river clean-up debris.

In the branch, led by the villagers slowly consensus – each person must maintain good when the volunteers of the village. "Liangjiahe with my imagination is not the same in northern Shaanxi.

On the Loess Plateau, is the flowers bloom, green eyeful! "Guangxi tourists Auntie Lin said.

"The young young man, is the future," noon, walked into the farmhouse "Liang Jia small hospital," a dozen tables, and some put in the yard, put in some cave, visitors sit around eating vegetable farm in northern Shaanxi …… farmhouse master Liang Qiang is "90", originally in the field when the coal miners. Looked good home circumstances, they home business.

"Now tourists, business is very hot." Liang Qiang family income last year amounted to over 40 million, also recruited 12 villagers to the store to help, "help the villagers to solve the employment, I am also very satisfied.

"Another village head," 80 "husband and wife Feng Tao, Zhang Yan was busy and businessmen to do business.

A few years ago, under the invitation of the village committee, the couple returned home from Shanghai, opened vinegar factory and drinking water production line, the village collective 51% stake. Zhang Yan told reporters, two production lines with annual revenues of 200 million, can contribute to a village collective economy. Gong Baoxiong focus on the development, saying that "the young young man, is the future." 27-year-old Shi Lei is the Ka Village branch members of the organization, graduated from college a few years ago, did not stay in the provincial capital, but returned to the village. "I have feelings for the village, there is a sense of belonging.

"Lei said," Today, shoulders heavy burden, but also to everyone for the good service.

"In March this year, complete Liangjiahe village committee general.

After the general, the new village committee team members average age of 45 years, the last Legco 10 years younger.

"Branch with a good head, people’s lives will be better and more beautiful." Gong Baoxiong confidence. "People’s Daily" (edition on August 24, 2021) (Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Chao) share so that more people see the client download.


Hangzhou Asian Games official sponsor and official supplier quantitative set work start

People’s Network Hangzhou March 10 (Guo Yang) reporter today I learned that Hangzhou, the 19th Asian Games Organizing Committee of the 2022, officially launched the official sponsor and official supplier of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The first batch of sponsorship categories include network security, inter-accessory and cognitive technology, photography, non-alcoholic beverages, travel service platforms, Western fast food, home kitchen, etc. This marks the development of the Hangzhou Asian Games market to the acceleration phase. According to the Hangzhou Asian Games market development plan, the main basis of official sponsors and official suppliers is the contribution and investment of the Hangzhou Asian Games and enjoy the benefits. Official suppliers are distinguished from exclusive suppliers and unique suppliers to make more private enterprises, SMEs have the opportunity to participate in the Asian Games cooperation, and better play the value of Hangzhou Asian Games. This collection company will enjoy relevant interests such as marketing rights, reception rights, product service providers, and priority negotiation rights.

"Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee will use digital marketing tools to maximize the 上海千花龙凤论坛 opportunity of official activities, integrate full-media marketing matrices, allowing partners to maximize the return on rights and interests." Hangzhou Sub-Organizing Committee, said, "We will use sponsorship The carrier and other carriers, strengthen sponsorship and organizing committees, sponsoring the viscosity and interaction between enterprises, through the Asian Organizing Committee, Enterprise, the public, expands the cooperation space between enterprises, maximizing the company to enjoy the event dividend.

"Next, the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee will collect sponsorship enterprises in accordance with the" fairness, public, fair "principles. Interested companies can download sponsors in the official website of Hangzhou Asian Games and submit it, Hangzhou Asia Organ Committee will 虹口油压店 conduct unified corporate qualifications The review will be issued to the qualification evaluation enterprise. After enterprises officially submit the application document, the Hangzhou Asian Organization Committee has judged the enterprise application documentation, identifying the candidate sponsorship and negotiations. At the end of 2018, Hangzhou Asia Organizing Committee Market Development Plan officially Release, market development sponsors are divided into three levels, respectively, official partners, official sponsors, official suppliers.

In addition, covering the badges and non-precious metals, precious metals, silk, stationery, home life, handicrafts six categories, more than 100 kinds of products of more than 24 Asian Games franchises and 14 retail companies have been clear, 7 online stores and days The cat 上海会所爽记 online flagship store has opened. Interested companies can log in to the "official release" column of the official website of Hangzhou Asia ().

(Editor: Guo Yang, Dai Qian).


Extraordinary unity of a hundred years

  On the 11th, the 19th National Presumual Poll is released on the 11th, the Chinese Taiwan Taiwan is highly concerned. Some Taiwan has accepted Xinhua News Agency reporter, said that the CPC established the party’s 100 years over the wind and rain, and the extraordinary achievements made the world’s scraping; the commission showed the strong determination of the continental anti-"independence" to promote the strong determination, firm will, transfer strong signal: Taiwan’s future National unity, the motherland is fully unified.

  Wu Jiaying, president of the Xiamen Taihang Association, said that the Plenary is an important meeting of the Communist Party of China in an important historical juncture. Comprehensive summing up the major achievements and historical experience of the 100-year struggle, helping to grow wisdom, enhance unity, and enhance confidence.

I believe that the mainland has new as a new era. "As a Taiwanese business that has been working in the mainland for many years, this plenary meeting made me deeply encouraged and full of expectations for national rejuvenation.

"Political stability unity, the economy is thriving, the people are getting poverty and rich … During the decades, such a achievement is shocked, and it is sigh.

"More than 30 years ago, Taiwanese Li Wenxun came to the mainland to invest in mainland, witnessed the reform and opening up and rapid development of the mainland.

He said that under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, the motherland has been tested, and now it has become the second largest economy in the world, and it is admirable.

  The Plenary Parliament emphasizes that adheres to a Chinese principle and the "Nine-two Consensus", and resolutely oppose the "Taiwan independence" split behavior, resolutely oppose external forces interference, firmly grasp the leading and initial rights of cross-strait relations. Many interviewed media said that this expression passes an anti-"independent" strong signal, and they are resolutely opposed "Taiwan independence" split, against external forces intervene deeply. The 74-year-old Taiwanese Wang Kang Qimin carefully studied the publication, and took the two sides of the strait, and sent three sisters who were still in Taiwan through WeChat.

"Seeing firm and anti-‘Tiantue’ firm determination, our four sisters are very excited.

"she says.

  Wang Qigin’s father is Shanghai Chongming, the mother is a Taiwanese. She is born in Taiwan, and she returned to her father hometown when she was young. She was raised by my aunt. After 40 years with your loved ones, she will go to Taiwan almost every year in the 1980s.

  "Because historical reasons have been isolated on both sides, Taiwanese is Chinese, Taiwan is part of China and will never change.

"Li Wenx said that we will never allow a few" Taiwan independence "molecules forgetting the foundation, dividing the territory, and do not allow external forces to interfere.

  Li Junqing, which settled in Sichuan’s many years, said that the achievements of the mainland today have made the Chinese nation, let the Chinese children in Taiwan are also encouraged. External forces are in Taiwan to curb China’s development, engage in "Taiwan independence" split countries, and Chinese children will never agree. "The majority of Chinese children are closely united, do not let the external forces succeed.

For the national rejuvenation, this is the glory of this generation of Chinese children. The book is written in the history of the motherland, and I also have one.

"Li Junqing said." Comprehensive national strength is constantly rising, the per capita GDP continues to jump, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the new China has achieved the achievements of the world, this is a great thing in human history.

I feel proud of this era.

"Taiqing Fan Jiang Feng, which is entrepreneur, Fujian. Fan Gafeng has been deeply experienced in the mainland, and he has a deep understanding of the mainland Hui Taiwan. He said that the mainland always adheres to the" two-strait family ", constantly falling the benefits of Hi Limin policy To practice. "Food is full of confidence, it is the key to the mainland development cause. "Only the power of the motherland, the Chinese children can have better, more dignified life.

"The Taiwanese Qian Zhenhan in Nanjing’s entrepreneurial development said that the development of the mainland and Taiwan has always been together, and Taiwan’s future is in the mainland. It is hoped that the future two sides can be more closely united, and jointly strengthen the Chinese national economy, and promote the Chinese nation. Great revoration. "I hope that Taiwan will go home" "I hope that the two sides of the truly reunion" "The ancestors of the motherland will be realized" … The interviewed Taiwan has expressed the heart of the motherland. The 70-year-old old Taiwanese Cai Ning said, " After reading the communique, I am more confident to the unity! Under sn品茶论坛上海 the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the increasing power of the country will be deeply encouraged. I believe that Taiwan will be able to go home as soon as possible! "The two sides of the strait are just a long history of China. As long as all the Chinese children, including Taiwan compatriots, Taiwan and the mainland will eventually be unified.

Wu Jiaying said.

  "I believe 上海杨浦区按摩油压 that the mainland of the motherland has strong determination and ability to complete the unified great cause." Li Wenx said that when most Tai Chinese understands the progress of the mainland and the care of the Taiwan, it will hopes to implement the two sides of the strait soon. "A few years ago, my parents had already left the people, and my father said that my only wish was the right of the motherland." Wang Joulin said, now she and my sister are also old, I hope that the birth of the father is realized, cross-strait compatriots Can really reunite.

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Autonomous Region feedback third batch, fourth batch of ecological environmental protection inspections

Recently, the six ecological environmental protection inspectors in the autonomous region, respectively, from Hulunbeier, Xing’an League, Xilin Gol League, Wulanchabu City, Ordos, Alax League. During the inspectors, the inspectors conducted inspections by listening to reports, conversation, disappointing information, accepting reports, sinking inspections, and reminding the central environmental protection inspections and feedback, 上海海选油压 on-site verification, and strict defensive fake, perfunctory rectification Wave around the air, water, soil pollution control of alliances in the autonomous regions, and earnestly verify the implementation of key work. The prevention and control of attack, pointed out the problem of problem, proposing rectification requirements, which are both effective to help and guide the rectification, but also achieve the pressure of 逍遥网上海论坛 conductivity, and promote the purpose of implementation.

In response to the prominent ecological environmental issues, the 6 alliances, which were indicated by the inspectors, said that the inspected 6 alliances should be resolutely inspected to rectify political responsibility, and seriously study and formulate rectification programs, list one by item, refine measures, clear responsibilities, Fully do a good job in rectification and ensure high quality to complete the rectification task.

Next, the 6-member party committee and government that are inspected shall, according to the inspector, pay attention to the development of rectification programs, clear the rectification goals, responsible units, responsible persons, work measures and complete time limit, and will rectify within 30 working days The planning of the party committee and government in the autonomous region.

The implementation of rectification programs and rectification should be disclosed in accordance with relevant regulations.

(Shi Junye Yang Aigqun) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong).


China @ 四 川 | Chinese scientists found that the highest level of gecko

  Scientific research personnel shot Jinjiang Gecko (data photo) in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

Xinhua News Agency (China Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Biological Research] Xinhua News Agency Gecko, the new species is currently known to distribute the highest altitude.

This research results recently published in the International Anti-Icon "Asian Anti-Creeper Study". The Jinsha River Basin is located in the southwestern mountainous area of ??China. It is one of the hotspots of biodiversity, and is also one of the most concentrated and vulnerable areas of the forest ecosystem in the Yangtze 上海浦东水磨水磨会所 River Basin. Since 2019, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Biology Research Institute Xie Fengban, conducted two years of two tortys and crawling diversity in the Shaluhan region.

  On August 27, 2019, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Biological Research Institute, in the southern part of Batang County, Ganzi Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, using an album to access the local Tibetan fellow, investigating the amphibious crawling animal clues, the old town suddenly The photo is very interested, and it is said that the cat caught a lot of such animals at night. Scientific research personnel shot in Deqin County, Yunnan Province (data photos).

Xinhua News Agency (the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Biology Research] This has attracted the attention of the team.

Subsequently, 上海龙凤网工作室 the team found a few geckoes at night, and then found several individuals in Ganzi Prefecture. Almost in the same time, another Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, a research firm, a researcher at the Chengdu Biology Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has also found the gecko in Jinsha River Valley, Deqin County, Yunnan Province. The study found that the new golden river wall has a small number of individuals, nostrils and kissa. Jinjiang Gecko is an independent evolutionary branch, and it is a sister group with a rough wall.

  The researchers said that this species is currently known that the world’s highest-altitude genus species (altitude of 2000 meters to 2476 meters). Its distribution range is concentrated in the Jinsha River Dry Hot Valley, the incidence rate is high, and mostly in the river valley and the stone sewn, and it has also been found in the building. The female found is much more than male, and it is speculated that its reproductive period is From May to June.

The foundation of Jinjiang Gecko provides an important model to the study of the radiation 上海魔都spa diffusion mechanism of the tropical and subtropical distribution to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau radiation diffusion mechanism. (Finish).


Forever loves to love the deep feelings of the ecology

  The ecological management team of Baimada 上海高端工作室微信 Village, Yellow River Township, Mado County, Guocoli Autonomous Prefecture is a protected team of the party committee of the Huangheyuan Park Management Committee. Under the leadership of the Secretary of the Village Party Branch, 123 ecological management Every day, we will carefully patrol the surrounding mountain lake river, not only on the poles of the road, but also send the lost little wolf to the wolf … They use their own little action like protecting the eyes The same protects the ecological environment, treats the ecological environment like life, and makes a beautiful picture of the hometown mountain green sky blue, and the hometown of life. These ecological supporters have deep love and feelings on the ecological environment of their hometown, and they are full of infinite embarrassment for the future. Create an ecological civilization, feelings must be deep.

This is an important aspect of the 10th National Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, which is emphasized, only to the green mountains and green water, in order to wake up people to protect the awareness of the ecological environment, and care for the natural ecology.

At present, Qinghai Economic Society has turned to high quality development stage, and the construction of ecological civilization has also went to the critical period of pressurization. We must maintain a deep feelings of ecology, unclusions, and the general secretary of the general secretary of the Ecological Environment, to promote the economic and social development and ecological environment protection, leaving sustainable development for future generations.

  The ecologicality is popular, and the ecological category is weak. The ecological environment has made the impact of human society, and the modernization of the construction of people and natural harmonious symbiosis is the correct direction of our future development.

To this end, standing in the new starting point of history, we must implement Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thoughts, always establish an ecological civilization awareness, and always stick to the ecological feelings, boost the development confidence of ecological civilization, and further stimulate the ecological mission and responsibility, and promote ecological production. Realize green life, create a high-quality environment, coordinate the development of people and nature harmonious and win-win development, so that children from alloys in Qinghai live more flourishing. Nature of life, showing magical and temptation everywhere, it brings hope of human survival, and teaches the wisdom of our lives.

Ecological feelings are our spiritual nutrients that we protect natural ecology, actively cultivate ecological feelings, and human society will be symbiotic. The publicity of ecological awareness, ecological laws and regulations and policy knowledge education should be carried out, and education 上海qm社区 will guide all ethnic groups to establish the correct ecological civilization awareness. Correct development concepts, improve nature, and protect natural, protect natural awareness. Natural thanksgiving, awesome, let the ecological Qinghai firmly cast all aspects of economic and social development, so that ecological feelings will always be engraved in the hearts of all ethnic groups.

  The ecological environment is the most popular people’s livelihood.

But we also have to realize that ecological environment protection is not good at night. The construction of ecological civilization is a long-term project, requiring one after another, and a blueprint is painted into the end.

Party members and cadres should bear in mind "who, who, who, who I am" this fundamental problem, put ecological feelings with the people’s feelings, do not bear, do not insult the mission, truth in actual work The masses’ "Jinshan Yinshan" has been proposed to play a key role in the common green life and build a happy home. The deep feelings are responsible, and there is a feeling that is a good hope to protect the trendy, the biggest hope of Wanshui.

We must pursue the ecological feelings of love, advocate simple and moderate, green low-carbon lifestyle, form a civilized and healthy life, and build a environmental governance system jointly participated in the whole society, and go out of an ecological beauty, industry, and people’s rich sustainable sustainable The road to development, let Qingshan green water often, Jinshan Yinshan has sustained, allowing ecological and economic, and the beautiful vision of a beautiful vision of a total of civilization.

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Gongzhuling direct organs celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 100th Anniversary of the Party and the poetry reading will be held in the vocational education center

  On June 24, the city’s straight agency celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 100th Anniversary of the Party and the poem reading will be held in the vocational education center. Further stimulate all party members’ enthusiasm and work enthusiasm, to make a more pragmatic style, to effectively carry out, comprehensive Construction Changchun Modern City Circle New Medium Cities Contributed.

  Li Hongliang, Zhao Li Bao, Zhang Ming and other city leaders attended the event.

  The activity kicked off in the sound of majestic national antity. At the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhao Junwei, the Minister of Organization, and the new party members conducted an oath of the party, and the old party members revisited the party oath. After collecting the international song, the Congress of the Party will begin. The recitation uses the voices of the high, and the passionate passion reciting "I have gone 上海外卖私人工作室思 from here" "I will sing songs to the party" "There is no Communist Party, there is no new China", lead the scene of the audience to relive the touching moments of the scene, express The revolutionary predecessors are unlimited. The event also issued a commemorative chapter to obtain "glorious in the party’s fifty years" commemorative chapter; awarded award-winning representative 上海会所网 for the winners of the party history knowledge competition, the confidentiality work knowledge contest, the winning representative of the Poetry Competition. In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, since the beginning of the year, the municipal government work committee organized the party members of the city directly to participate in the poetry contest, confidential work knowledge contest, party history knowledge competition.

Through the event, further enhance the theory level of party members and cadres, enhance the enthusiasm of party members and cadres, mobilize the consciousness of the theory of the municipal government’s cadres, to promote school, to learn history, school history, school history, school history, Creating a good study atmosphere in the city.


garden? shopping mall? Trail? playground? Atypical City "park" in Shanghai to explore

To carry thousands of new parks, perhaps there is another foothold: Inspired by "High Line", the ability to enabling more space "is not Park", from approaching them functionally equivalent to even park ? Central Bridge in Suzhou River, Changning District hectares of space, had nobody cares. After some renovation, turned into net red dot punch infested "animal."

Here in three animal images as the theme, equipped playground, riverside seats and other elements, both overlooking the Suzhou River View, can feel the vitality of the movement.

Kim’s house under the data from the Bureau of Shanghai Road transport, city highway bridges, viaducts, bridges and other cities as many as ten thousand.

These spaces cut off due to column appears fragmented, coupled with poor light, humidity and other factors, are neglected city "scrap", are either idle or used as a "third kind" – features a single green space, parking, road jail . Changning practice, opened the horizons for the transformation of the space under the viaduct. "They are no longer just part of overhead traffic." Municipal Transport Bureau road maintenance facility at His A represents a group of multi-functional complex will meet the demand for space under the bridge "15 minutes" putting facilities of nearby residents.

At present, relevant aspects are making breakthroughs from ideas, policies, etc., to release more vitality, such as preparing "negative lists".

In the future, you can play the creativity to retrofit the bridge as long as it is not forbidden. Perhaps, the multi-functional "Bridge Cave Park" will soon emerge in the rain after the rain. The space function is "squeezed" urban space after all, and the upgrade is transformed from existing parks or more features in the new park, which is more practical and effective in the park. At the sun, Wang Zaini spent nearly an hour to the Skateboard Park in Xuhui District. She was full of surprises in the first time: "There is a bowl of pool? And teaching teachers? I didn’t expect it to be free. so good.

"" Site does not apply to professional events, but it is definitely universal. Guo Yam, who represents the BAU Landscape Design Department Manager, said that in the 1200 square meter skateboard area, the park is as needed, whether it is a beginner, or a senior good hand, can find a facility corresponding to himself. Challenge. The integration of this function is more obvious on the skate park near the Suzhou River.

The top of the table is designed to open, which can overlook the Suzhou River scenery, or you can turn around the crowd on the court.

The ramp of the top floor is divided into two, one side is a ladder, while the skate slope, "hint" fan with the 爱上海419油压论坛 skateboard to the top of the slope.

In addition, the columns at the bottom of the table have not got rid of the destiny of "function being dried", and it is made into a curved shape towards the side of the skateboard. It can be sitting on a rest, and it can be used as a quite difficulty "Hyun". .

After the rebuilt Xuhui District Leshan Green, the smart thinking behind a spray 上海外滩419娱乐会所 pool made Leshan Liuqi Village’s residential Fang Guihua a thumbs up.

Usually let the children walk the playful dynamic fountain after shutting down, a small square center-centered small square centered on the abstract "Le" word is revealed. There is an activity to close the fountain, and there is no activity to make a space between the two functions of the landscape and activities.

The white stone pier around the fountain square is "a stone three bird": one is the isolation belt between the fountain and the greening, the second is that the slope of "Maza", the third is the inline light can be used as a nighttime lighting. . "I live here from small to the old, I finally have a decent park." Fang Guihua said that this community has high density, matching, usually wandering for at least a quarter, the new community pocket park It seems that a bunch of lights that shoot to everyone, many people can’t wait to stand in the periphery when they are constructed, and keep asking "time to make a good time."

Because it is highly limited, the space is indeed limited, and the design side represents the Chief Designer of Viya Landscape, and the park to design a park that allows everyone to enjoy, it must make as many elements as possible. Function, "Turning out is a bed, hitting the sofa, this is a truth with small apartment decoration."

The user gives a high quality public space, people living in the city are both enjoyers and "builders." In particular, the public space of the house is inseparable from the support of residents and units.

How to transform space under the bridge? For the participation in all parties, they are touched by the river. The relevant departments of Changning District and the design team conducted a survey in the early stage. The surrounding residents and white-collar workers also said the most urgent sect of fitness exercise needs, so basketball court, football field, children’s rink and Dance rooms have been included in the design. Space Reconstruction Points under the Double Bridge in Changning District – Justu North Road Bridge and Kaifu Road Bridges. Design plan deepened units within 15 minutes around the transformation point, including community residents, students, shop owners, pedestrians, fitness runners, etc., have conducted transformation intentional questionnaires, providing more clarity for "Bridge Cave Park" direction.

The above items, from the plan to determine the last landing, almost all about two years, because the relevant departments of the green market, roads, pipelines are involved, need to carry out a lot of communication and coordination. In this process, the parties break the routine and seek the "maximum number of conventions" under the premise of sticking the bottom line. For example, animal graffiti on elevated column under Suzhou River Central Bridge. According to the designer original idea, the column is first applied to the bottom layer, and the surface is flattened and then patterned.

The road management department believes that the underlying application will destroy the column form and affect their judgment of the health of the column. Therefore, the design party canceled the underlying application, the graffiti color selected colors similar to the column, and made a thin layer to achieve safety and aesthetics. "In addition to listening to public opinion in the initial stage of construction, it is necessary to fully ‘leave white’." Director of the Green City Office of Xuhui District said that this can stimulate the innovation of innovation and participation in the back of the community, let the people use their favorite ways Take advantage of these spaces. Back to Leshan Green, a transparent landscape, "Music Gallery" is now in the state, only the detachable side table is installed, and a few chairs are placed. In the future, here will become a multi-active space of surrounding residents.

When it is raining, everyone can avoid the rain "? ?"; when it is sunny, the old man took the child, and they can watch the window of the window, and they can hook in the fun activity area; usually, you can also hold a variety of exhibitions and Lecture.

"Imagine, design, and there is no vitality." Pan Jing, the person in charge of the space-related design of the Suzhou River Central Bridge, Changning District, said it should give the user to give space life. The Government is more in the role of retrograde and policy leaders, and more vitality should participate in the excitation by social forces.

Let the function of multi-functional public space truly in line with the user’s "aesthetics", let them be here, this is the core of Shanghai’s future to create multi-functional public space.

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China Road Transportation Association: Science and Technology Employment is promoting the transformation and upgrading of driving training industry

On the 16th, the 5th Motor Vehicle Driving Training and Road Traffic Safety International Forum was held in Wuhan. The topic of this session is "Science and Technology and Safety".

Meng Qiu, the second-level 上海九亭300全套群 inspector of the Ministry of Transport, said in the speech that my country’s driving industry is still in the critical period of reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading, the driving training industry needs to adhere to traditional training and technology innovation, insist on keeping innovation, two-way mutual Ejection, integration development. According to statistics from the Ministry of Communications, as of the end of May 2021, the motor vehicle has reached 100 million, and the driver has reached 100 million.

Yan Wenhui, Vice President of China Road Transportation Association, said driving training institutions as traffic safety first defense is also actively innovating, embraces scientific and technological innovation, providing strong protection for road traffic safety development. Science and Technology is promoting the transformation and upgrading of driving training industry, some advanced driving schools in my country have introduced VR, AI technology, leading the transformation and upgrading of driving training industry, high quality development, students driving skills and traffic safety awareness, thus create a security , Smooth, order, harmonious, civilized road traffic environment. Yuan Lei, secretary general of the China Road Traffic Safety Association, said technology in the driving training industry, providing a new model and idea for promoting the digital development of the driving training industry, improving the driving skills level and safety and civilization awareness. At the meeting, the participating guests were surrounded by science and technology and safety. Development and application advantages; Professor 上海龙凤桑拿网 Beijing Institute of Technology, Dr. Zhao Xiaohua, who is a guest of the new type of technology and data driving to the driving training industry; Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Ph.D. Driving training to intelligence, automated transformation, pointing out that artificial intelligence technology is becoming a new power to practice "industrial minity".

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Fujian: Strengthen supervision, let the village collective economy "strong bones"

Original title: Strengthen supervision, let the village collective economy "strong muscle bone" 8 acres of collective land, sign a rental contract for 60 years, rent only 10,000 yuan per year … A contract period super legal provisions, rents low "Problem Contract" has attracted the attention of rural collective "three-fund" inspection team in Qingkou Town, Minhou County. It turned out that this is a leased land contract that the town’s flag village and a company signed in 1998.

After retrans charge, the two sides signed a "supplementary agreement" and shorten the contractual period of 20 years, and the rent is adjusted to 50,000 yuan in the first year, and later increased year by year.

After the reform, the village collective can increase rent income million. Village (community) "three capital" belongs to all collective, and it is related to the people’s personal interests. In April this year, "rectification of villages (community) collective ‘three-funded’ management is not standardized, contract irregular, and individual asset resources are discontinued," is listed as "topic rectification" project of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission.

As a leading unit, the provincial agricultural rural branch, the provincial and agricultural rural branch, the establishment of the office, and clarify the "double 上海品茶资源网 account" working system, and implementation of one schedule for January, and fully deployed "topic rectification."

The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission’s Agricultural Rural Division, the discipline inspection and supervision team of the Provincial Agricultural Rural Division, launched a list of monitored, "point-to-point" supervision, and promoting the implementation of the responsibility to implement it. Regulating the "three capital" supervision of the village collective, and finding the problem is the key. Provincial Agricultural Rural Rural House in-depth promotion, through the website, WeChat public number, SMS push and LED screen scroll play, etc. clue. Fully applying the village cadres and departure economic responsibility audit results, conduct 上海不正规的桑拿会所 comprehensive combing, investigation, and key verification of village collective economic contracts, and identify the status quo of collective "three capitals" in the village collective "three capital" supervision. The problem is investigated the entire coverage of the administrative village, not omissions. Promote the problem, rectifying in place, need to strengthen the strength, speed up the speed. The problem of the problem of the masses, and the agricultural rural departments at all levels organizes the investigation and verification of the investigation, and the results of the verification results are publicized. Investigating, assets, fund management issues, and submitting a rectification measures, and urges stand-alone reform. Take timely transfer of discipline inspection and supervision. Clue verification of the mass reporting problem is unrestricted, and the feedback is not in time, the rectification is not implemented, and the provincial agricultural rural government has sent a special Chinese supervision, and the people and collective benefits are practically safe.

  In order to make the village collective "three capital" supervision more standardized, transparent, Fujian Provincial Functional Sector is actively innovating, strengthens supervision. On October 14th, the trial operation of "Fujian Rural Collective Assets Wire Supervision Platform" will be on the line of political APP, which is convenient for real-time supervision of the masses, and reports a message.

In addition, it also creates a new village-level financial disclosure, pilot, expansive village collective economic organization financial revenue and expenditure to the rural revitalization fund online supervision platform, so that the people in real time online inquiries of the village collective economic organization financial revenue.

  As of the end of October, the province has verified 129,504 rural collective economic contracts, involving the contractual amount of billion; found 13343 questions, has completed 11401 pieces, recovered funds, assets, retracting land and other resource-based, new rents Income is 10,000 yuan. (Zheng Yuxi) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Chen Lanyan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.